Tilt-Turn Windows Lift-Slide Doors

Popular in Europe for decades, the benefits of tilt-turn windows are just beginning to be known on our shores. The windows are essentially a combination of a casement and an awning window. When you turn the handle to the sideways position, it opens in, like a casement window. When you turn the handle to the “up” position, the window pivots from the bottom and opens at the top, to allow for ventilation and increased security.

Beyond functioning as two window types, the additional heavy duty hardware required for the multiple operations of the window provide for a much tighter window seal, improving efficiency.

Since the windows open “in”, instead of “out”, they are much easier to clean. They also increase security, as intruders would have a more difficult time prying the window open from the exterior.

Lift-slide doors are a major advancement in the mechanics of a sliding glass door. When closed the weight of the door is resting on its rubber seals, when the door handle is engaged, the door actually “lifts” onto it’s wheels allowing it to slide open. This action creates a tight seal when the door is closed, guarding against cold winter wind.

Chad Kotlarz

Tilt-turn windows have numerous advantages over conventionally operating windows and they just look cool!


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