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Building Green

At Livwell Homes, we take pride in building environmentally responsible and resource-efficient homes. Livewell Homes specializes in using modern materials and high performance building processes that support and generate less waste, as well as increase energy and water efficiency. Green homes use less energy, resulting in savings on utilities and money overtime.

Healthier Tomorrows

Conventional building materials often contain high levels of toxicity. At Livwell Homes, we recognize the importance of healthy building practices and use of materials that promote cleaner, healthier, and safer indoor air.  Your health and healthy living is a top priority at Livwell homes. We use many less toxic and non-toxic building materials that help achieve a healthier future for you and your family.

Efficiently Engineered

Designed for living, engineered for efficiency. Customized home designs that maximize usable space to achieve the optimal balance of beauty, function and investment. Our passion for efficiency doesn’t end with stamped plans. At LivWell Homes, our innovative approach to the construction process leverages a powerful partnership between trusted industry experience and practical data analytics that prioritizes quality, timing and budgetary considerations.

Quality that Endures

Why build a structure that will not endure the test of time? Using low to zero maintenance materials, provide the home owner with a care-free living experience. Low maintenance translates into money savings over time, and a home that will look beautiful for years to come. Material choices can have substantial differences in resistance to aging, weather, and expansion/contraction. At Livwell, we build homes to last generations.


We are a full service Design-Build Company. Incorporating Designing and Building into one seamless process increases productivity and decreases costs. Designer and Builder as one entity means your project is given full attention to detail through the continuously evolving construction process. Eliminating the middle man and producing a better product.

Let our award-winning team put your vision into reality. Whether new construction is your goal or a simple renovation, we are here to help.




Our innovative and experienced staff is well-equipped to handle all your home design needs. From ideas to stamped plans, we are with you every step of the way.


New Construction

We specialize in custom homes, from design through construction. A LivWell home is designed with optimized spaces, and created using the latest in building technology and materials. Welcome to living well, welcome to LivWell Homes.



Looking for an update? Our team can bring your vision into reality. From refreshed spaces to new additions, we have you covered.